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Information on the first Townsville meeting.

(The information below is current but can change as organising continues.)


Central & North Queensland NEW STATE FORUM

Central & North Queensland businesses supporting better communities:

When : Tuesday, 28th August 2018

Where : Cutheringa Bowls Club, 8 Harold Street, West End, Townsville, 4810

Time : 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Organisers : Bill Bates (0447 958 455)

Master of Ceremonies : TBA

  • Speaker 1
    Bill Bates
    Coordinator Boot Brisbane Campaign & NEA websites
    Subject: QLD 2017 Electoral Redistribution / NSW 1967 New State Referendum

  • Speaker 2
    Peter Raffles
    Principal of Conflict Solutions Pty Ltd
    Subject: Australian Constitution Provisions

    JCU Law Review - NQ State Paper.pdf
    Petter Raffles Biography PR 2018.pdf
  • Speaker 3
    Geoff Cox
    Cane Grower
    Subject: Impact of Status Quo on Industry and Expectations with the Formation of a New State

  • Speaker 4
    John Wharton AM
    Mayor, Richmond Shire Council
    Subject: Why We Need a New State

  • Speaker 5
    Member for Hinchinbrook Nick Dametto MP
    Katters Australian Party
    Subject: KAP North Queensland Separate State Policy

  • Speaker 6
    Henry Fracchia
    North Queensland State Party (Inc)
    Subject: Road Map to Statehood

  • Q&A Session

    Addition: Paper distributed by Mr Bill Cummings B Econ QU (Cummings Economics).
    Subject : Historical, Economic & Population Trends affecting potential viability of New States in Northern Australia.

    J3163 North's Economic Progress.pdf

    Special Guest
    The Hon George Christensen MP
    Federal Member for Dawson

    The purpose of the New State Forum is to:
    1. Build a broad support base to further the mission of the "The Goal" of the Boot Brisbane campaign.
    2. Identify the extent of electorates to be included in the future petition.
    3. Establish a committed leadership group in Townsville.
    4. Develop the FORUM such that it can be readily replicated in other regional cities.
    5. Ensure we have the means to engage the public and media on a continuous basis.
    6. Provide a point of contact for all individuals and groups seeking similar outcome.
    7. Inspire FORUM attendees to register on the web site and encourage them to create awareness throughout their various networks.


    "The goal of the Boot Brisbane Campaign is to secure for the residents of Central and North Queensland a Referendum to vote on the proposition of forming a New State of the Commonwealth of Australia."

    Appologies of Attendence
  • Senator the Hon Matthew Canavan
  • Senator the Hon Ian MacDonald
  • The Hon Warren Entsch MP : Federal Member for Leichhardt
  • Michelle Landry MP : Federal Member for Capricornia
  • Cathy O’Toole MP : Federal Member for Herbert
  • Julieanne Gilbert MP : State Member for Mackay
  • Mr Aaron Harper MP : State Member for Thuringowa
  • Dale Last MP : State Member for Burdekin
  • Mr Lachlan Millar MP : State Member for Gregory
  • Hon Coralee O’Rourke MP : State Member for Mundingburra
  • Scott Stewart MP : State Member for Townsville
  • Where : Cutheringa Bowls Club, 8 Harold Street, West End, Townsville, 4810

  • The goal of the Boot Brisbane Campaign is to secure for the residents of Central and North Queensland
    a Referendum to vote on the proposition of forming a New State of the Commonwealth of Australia.


    Geoff Cox Bio

    Mr Cox, 72, one of the North’s largest sugarcane producers believes North Queensland would benefit from a decentralised political party as mainstream parties continue to fracture and says he is tired of farmers being painted the villains in the reef damage debate. Geoff Cox, who with brother David produces about 500,000 tonnes of cane in the Burdekin, said activist groups had hijacked the debate with exaggerated claims about the state of the reef and the impact of farm run-off.


    Cr John Wharton AM BIO

    John Wharton has been in the Northern cattle industry all his life, having owned cattle properties in the Richmond and Etheridge Shire. He was elected to the Richmond Shire Council in 1991 and went on to become Mayor in 1997. Being the Mayor for 20 years has placed him as the longest serving Mayor presently in Local Government in Queensland.

    In June 2007 he was the recipient of a Member of the Order of Australia Award for his service to the community of North-West Queensland through Local Government, Regional Development, Natural Resource Management and Primary Industry Organizations. He also received the Centenary Medal in 2007 for distinguished service to Local Government.

    He was appointed in January 2016, by Federal Minister Chris Pyne, to be the Interim Chair of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Developing Northern Australia (DNA) and travelled extensively across the North, consulting with communities and businesses with regard to the establishment of the CRC. In February 2017, John was appointed as a board member to the CRC for DNA.

    John manages and operates his own real estate business, Wharton & Co P/L, dealing in property and livestock. He also has an Agricultural consultancy business, with experience in a wide range of Agriculture in Northern Australia. These include Beef Cattle, Quarter horses, Cropping, Water Infrastructure, Goats, Camels, Pest Control and Land Management. He also has extensive knowledge of road construction and development costs with personal earthmoving experience and pricing knowledge from 26 years in Local Government.

    John is a passionate believer in Northern Australia and its future and is well known as a person who speaks up for what he believes in. He believes diversity is the key to economic success and common sense and practicality will always work.